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Our history


Runforcause is an event which is intended to bring together friends, families and athletes during a course where the goal is to travel as many km as possible to raise as much money as possible for an association. My name is Frédéric Iachini and in 2012, I wanted to take the ViaFrancegina footpath from Yverdon - Lausanne (69 km).

I had the idea of offering to help an association so that what I was going to accomplish would be useful and even more meaningful.

I asked friends, families and different people (restaurants, shops...) to support me by putting a sum for each km travelled.

During this day, I managed to cover Yverdon - la Sarraz (36 km)

I was thus able to collect 400 chf for the Rêves Suisse association, that's how it all started.



In 2017, my wife Angélique Iachini, my best friend, my half-brother Loïc came to join me to do the Yverdon - Lausanne ViaFrancegina route (69 km) again.

For this new edition, we have decided to support the Kelyan SWH association. We traveled Yverdon - la Sarraz (36 km) and collected 300 chf.



In 2019,  I trained my wife Angélique Iachini for her very first Swisscanyontrail trail of 51km and 2500 D. It was quite an adventure and a nice challenge that she accomplished brilliantly.

Thanks to his motivation and the will to finish this trail, as well as all the wonderful and wonderful donors, we managed to raise 420 chf for the association Rêves Suisse



In 2020, Angélique, Damien, Marcel, Martin and I set off for Yverdon - Morat



Damien, Marcel and Martin managed to cover Yverdon - Estavayer-le-Lac (22 km) while Angélique and I completed the entire route, ie 61 km.

Thanks to all this brilliant team and all the people who supported us, we were able to collect the sum of 471 chf for the association Porte-Bonheur.



Edition 2021, we were 10 to start at Yverdon-les-Bains station for the Yverdon - Lausanne route ViaFrancegina  (69km).

Angélique, Céline, Alain, Martin, Frédéric completed the entire course in 10h00.

Elisa, Carlos, Damien, Marcel, Yannick managed to cover between 10 and 22 km.

Thanks to their strength, their motivation and the super donors, we managed to raise the beautiful sum of 2000 chf for the smawarriors association.



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